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“What we’re doing is just a drop in the bucket. But even a drop multiplied many times could fill it, and further overflow it, eventually leading to a river and then an ocean…”

—Steve Moriconi

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Following the devastating earthquake that occurred in Haiti in January, 2010, Dr. Steven Moriconi spent a week on a humanitarian mission tending to the dental needs of affected Haitian people. During his time there, he met a number of young Haitian medical and dental students whose education had been interrupted by the destruction of their schools.

Dr. Moriconi, a board-certified oral surgeon in the United States, decided that based on his experience in Haiti these students would require extraordinary help to achieve their goals. He has returned annually to Haiti since 2010 and, in order to continue and expand the mission, has brought other dental health professionals and translators. In 2011, the team interviewed students from various areas of study in order to identify those who may benefit most from support. During the past four years the team has returned yearly to Christianville The mission was expanded to include support of the dental clinical facility in Christianville which is well-known in Haiti for their dental services. Additional supplies are brought each year and Dr. Moriconi has also brought additional dental personnel to treat patients.

One of the students, Marie Martine Charlemagne, who was interviewed in 2011, has completed  nursing school in Haiti with the support of Men Anpil.


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