Many Hands

Adeline Joachim

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Adeline Joachim was initially Adeline_after_xrayseen by Dr. Moriconi on his first trip to the clinic. She had noticed a swelling in her jaw ayear prior,
which had been getting increasingly painful. Dr. Moriconi performed a biopsy and brought the sample back to the United States for examination.

It turned out to be a very aggressive tumor, which he knew would continue to grow without treatment. Realizing there was little Adeline_before_xraypossibility of this happening in Haiti, he enlisted his local hospital and several physicians, as well as the local Haitian population, to bring Adeline to the States. Months later, Adeline arrived, and the operation was a success. She returned to Haiti and, when seen a year later at Christianville, her X-ray showed complete healing of the bone where the jaw tumor had been removed.

Adeline was seen in November 2014 with continued complete resolution of the tumor,
nearly 5 years after its removal.

Adeline_praying Adeline_dental_cleaningAdeline_post-surgery