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Christianville Dental Clinic

The Christianville Dental Clinic was founded in the seventies as a single room connected to an existing medical clinic in the town of Gressier, Haiti.


Read Moresign_photoThe original land for this 25-acre complex, consisting of the medical, dental, and eye clinics, as well as a school system grades K through 12, was donated by the Haitian government to a Christian missionary organization run by Carol and Jim Hargot, hence the name Christianville.


staff_photoThe complex also has a fish hatchery and poultry operation as well as gardens. These ongoing projects feed the children of the schools as well as the mission volunteers who travel there.


Several dentists founded the clinic and have maintained its functional capabilities over the years.dental_clinic_photo Soon after its establishment, funds were provided by grants and donations to build the existing facility. Thankfully, the dental clinic sustained only very minimal damage during the 2010 earthquake. The quake, however, leveled the Christianville schools and the eye clinic as well as several other buildings on the property.


The clinic treats the children of the school for free and makes nominal charges for its care of the local population. Patients travel great distances to receive care there and, in fact, the last mile to the clinic must be traveled on foot for those who have no means of private transportation.



The clinic is supported in part by the mission and is currently run by a female Haitian dentist, Dr. Andre. Supplies are always short, and donations of supplies and equipment, as well as volunteer dental specialists are needed. There is currently also an orthodontist, Dr. David Leever, who attends for one week every month by flying in from Miami. He has been doing this for many years.
Dr. Moriconi and his team have returned yearly to the Christianville clinic since 2010, and they have brought supplies and equipment on each trip. In addition, through the generosity of many donors and Abington Memorial Hospital’s ( administration and physicians, four patients have been brought to the States for surgical treatment: Adeline Joachim in 2011, Libnie Dolcine in 2012, Leyila Previl in 2013 and Gertha Decimus in 2016.

Finally, donations and volunteers are always welcome to help in rebuilding the damaged structures on the property.