Many Hands

Gertha Decimus

Posted by on Feb 14, 2017 in Stories |

Gertha was seen by Dr. Moriconi in 2014 with an aggressive tumor of the jaw called an ameloblastoma which he confirmed with a biopsy. It took a full two years to arrange for treatment back in the US, and once again because of Abington/Jefferson Health under the presidency of Meg McGoldrick, she was able to be treated. In an 11 hour operation in December 2016, this tumor was removed by Dr. Moriconi and his team, effectively saving this patient’s life.
With extensive help from our translator (and board member) Nativita Merone, our doctors and nurses, the Conways of Hosts for Hospitals and many others, Gertha spent a month in the US. She recently has returned to Haiti to continue to recuperate. She was beyond grateful to all for her care.