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Men Anpil Missions, 2011-2017

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Men Anpil Missions, 2011-2017

– Dr. Moriconi, Dr. Stout, Carl Blanchet, and a Haitian dental student studying in the US, Johnny Amazan, traveled to Gressier/Christianville March 12-19, 2011. This was Dr. Moriconi’s second trip to the region.

Our mission was to treat patients in the dental clinic, and Carl Blanchet assisted in translating for patients and organizing supplies. Monetary donations will be very helpful in order to purchase supplies for upcoming trips to the area.


– Elementary school destroyed during 2010 earthquake
Dr. Moriconi is continuing to give his multi-media lecture on Haiti to Church groups, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and business organizations in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area. Anyone interested in experiencing this free lecture on the history of Haiti, Dr. Moriconi’s personal experiences there, and an outline of the Men Anpil (Many Hands) non-profit organization, is welcome to contact us.


– The third trip, in March 2012, was notable for the inclusion of another dentist, Dr. Pappy Chhina. The team treated more than 200 patients that week, again with Carl Blanchet acting as translator. Joel Vixama, our sponsored medical student, also participated in translating for the team. Closer bonds were established with the Fish Ministries ( organization as well, who will be helping to replace the air conditioning system in the Dental clinic, as well as other projects.


-Trip in March of 2013 included the team in addition to a dental service technician lent to the mission by the Benco Company.  Benco generously allowed him to join us to spend the week repairing old equipment, installing 2 new dental chairs, and fixing many other items.


– In November 2014 another mission trip was undertaken. Many additional patients were treated very successfully. In addition the mission members were able to teach the dentists associated with the clinic many new techniques. Additional supplies were brought in and plans were laid for the eventual shipping of additional dental chairs donated by the local community.

-Throughout 2015 Dr. Moriconi and Men Anpil were able to locate and ship 2 new dental chairs to the clinic with the additional help of the Christianville Foundation and the US military. The chairs were airlifted to Port au Prince, and later installed in the clinic during November 2015’s mission replacing two very old dental units. The Benco Dental Company ( was supportive in lending Men Anpil a technician who accompanied us and installed the units.

In total, our organization has now replaced four out of the five dental units!

– Finally in early 2017, another two dental units were donated to Men Anpil and are currently in storage awaiting shipment. Unfortunately, funds are not available for transport at this point.


Check back soon for future fundraising events.