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Leyila Felisya Previl

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 in Stories |


IMG_0170Leyila is a 14 year old girl who came to the dental clinic at Christianville in April of 2013 with a complaint of an expanding tumor of her lower right jaw. Dr. Moriconi was able to biopsy the lesion at that time, and it was determined to be a very locally aggressive tumor similar to Adeline’s. Dr. Moriconi was able, through the auspices of Men Anpil, to bring her and her mother to the US for treatment in his office. The tumor was removed and two teeth extracted under sedation. Leyila did very well after the surgery and is now tumor free after almost 2 years. She and her mother were very grateful for the care they received. It is patients like these, who have no other recourse, that Men Anpil strives to help.


Leyila 4 years post surgery