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Libnie Dolcine

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Libnie_before_2In 2011, Libnie Dolcine (28) traveled for five hours, by bus, taxi, motorcycle, and on foot, to reach the Christianville clinic and be seen by Dr. Moriconi. Since age four, she and her family had noticed a swelling on the right side of her face. Over the years, the few doctors she had seen had no answers or any way to treat her. The swelling had continued to distort her face, leaving her unable to work and afraid to be seen in public. Once again, Dr. Moriconi performed a biopsy and the sample showed a rare formLibnie_before_1 of bony fibrous growth that could only be remedied surgically.

After many months of bureaucratic delay, she arrived for surgery at Abington and, in January 2012, underwent an eight-hour operation to re-contour her skull, upper and lower jaws, and oral cavity. Unfortunately, she had lost the eyesight in her right eye two years before due to the growth of the tumors, and this could not be saved. The surgery was performed by a team of ENT surgeons, Plastic surgeons, and Neurosurgeons under the direction of Dr. Moriconi. All care, including hospitalization and living arrangements with host families (, was donated.Libnie_post-surgery
Libnie was discharged from the hospital after two weeks, and she returned to her home in Haiti after four weeks. Dr. Moriconi was able to see her on his March 2012 mission to Christianville. Her photo speaks for itself, as we now see a smiling and happy patient, slowly re-integrating herself back into life in her small village and able to face her life with renewed confidence.



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