Many Hands

Our Mission

Men Anpil was founded to provide funding for the education of Haitian students to attend advanced professional schools both within and outside of Haiti. It is our intention to seek out qualified Haitian students for training in medicine and dentistry who will ultimately return to their native country with the intention of providing much needed services to the people of Haiti. Men Anpil also provides support with personnel, supplies, and equipment to the Christianville Dental Clinic in Gressier, Haiti.

One such student, Joel Vixama, is currently being supported by Men Anpil, as he attends medical school in the Dominican Republic.
We are also seeking financial and professional support for the Christianville Dental Clinic, a rural dental clinic in Gressier, Haiti. This would include supplies and equipment to maintain the continuity of care at this self-sustaining clinic.

We are and will continue to be a small organization, our goals remaining fixed on the education of Haitian professionals who will meet the healthcare needs of their countrymen. In our opinion, this is a critical building block if Haiti is ever to realize its long-term survival as an independent nation.